Commissioner (A.R)
Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, Ahmedabad
About Commissioner(A.R) Online

The office of the Commissioner (A.R) at Ahmedabad started functioning from October 2006 with the creation of the Ahmedabad Bench of CESTAT.

Presently, this office is headed by an officer of the rank of Commissioner, who is designated as the Commissioner (A.R). The Commissioner (A.R) is assisted by Senior and Junior Departmental representatives. The functions of the Senior / Junior Departmental representative are to represent the Department in the CESTAT.

The Ahmedabad Bench is a single bench consisting of two members. With a view to have expeditious disposal of small cases, a Bench of Single Member dealing with the matters not exceeding Rs.10 Lakhs is also constituted.

Appeals to CESTAT are addressed to the Assistant Registrar, CESTAT. The Registry prepares the cause list for the forthcoming week. A copy of the cause list is sent to the Commissioner (A.R) office. On receipt of cause list from the CESTAT, the Commissioner(A.R) allots the cases to the respective SDR/JDRs. Depending upon the revenue implications and sensitivity of the case, the Commissioner(A.R) may represent the Department himself.

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